After about 6 months this blog is back online. The reason for it being offline is that that my Bananapi, featuring an allwinner A20, crashed. More specifically the SD card of which most of the software was run had fatally entered a state in which it started to have bad blocks that are marked read only. I previously also had this on a raspberry pi after 2 years of use.

Don't use SD cards for stuff you rely on! Now only the bootloader, u-boot, and a boot partition is on the SD card. The bulk of the OS is one small disk scavenged from a laptop hooked up via SATA and a larger HDD via USB to serve files around the house.

Why use a Single board computer to run a server? Electricity is expensive in Belgium, so devices running 24-7 better use little power.

Hopefully this setup will last longer. I'll make database backups for sure this time.

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