OLD: How to flash coreboot to the thinkpad x60 the proper way

What is so special about the x60 when running vendor bios? Vendor BIOS write protects its bootblock, which means the lowest 64K of the flash can’t be modified This is a problem since the first code that runs on the CPU comes from there and if we ever want to run coreboot the cpu must […]

OLD + UPDATE:Porting the Intel DG41WV and Intel 4 series DDR3 raminit to coreboot

This post will explain a bit how the Intel 4 series DDR3 raminit came to be and will introduce a new board that can make use of this code, namely the Intel DG41WV. DDR3 raminit In the past I have worked quite on a bit on the coreboot code that support the Intel 4 series […]